Michael Price

Artist Michael Price and his mesmerizing presentation: The natural colors of the Renaissance.

Michael Price is a New York-based, British artist who is renowned for his informed and visionary approach to figurative painting. In Price’s works human figures are transformed by the artist’s brush into powerful, psychologically complex archetypes. In his work since the mid 1990’s, Price’s figures are further augmented through the artist’s development of his own colours from mineral pigments produced by crushing and grinding rocks and crystals. Intense, decade-long study of the material and compositional strategies of the Old Masters inform Price’s inspired, magical realist paintings.

Price was born in Stoke-on-Trent, England in 1951. He attended London’s Central School of Art and Design from 1971-1974, where he graduated with honors. He started out painting with a then-fashionable abstract, process-based approach. By the middle of the 1970s he began to feel that he had exhausted the mode and decided to shift in a more figurative, classically-motivated direction. In 1976 he moved from London and took up residence for nine months in Rotterdam, Holland, before moving to Munich the following year where he was resident for the next twenty-two years. 

At the end of 1999, Price moved to New York and in 2000 he published his first journal article on the preparation of azurite for use in oil binding mediums. In addition to regularly exhibiting his work, Price is trusted as an expert on the preparation of natural and mineral pigments, authoring and co-authoring numerous papers, conferences, and publications on the subject which culminated in 2017’s two-volume masterwork, Renaissance Mysteries. The artist’s paintings must be experienced first-hand as digital reproduction only poorly replicates the colors used, and the chromatic experience achieved.