MMSF will take place in one of the Mediterranean's best-kept and most beautiful secrets: Trebinje, located just 19 miles (30km) from Dubrovnik, in the southernmost part of Bosnia & Herzegovina. A birthplace of Jovan Dučić, a famous Modernist Serbian poet whose refined aesthetics are felt throughout the area. 

Trebinje has complex and rich history stretching back to the 9th century, when it was known  as “the land of Serbs.” It was later ruled by the Ottomans and the Austro-Hungarians and was part of the former Yugoslavia. Today, Trebinje is the capital of the Serbian Autonomous Region of Herzegovina. 

Individual lessons will take place at the main Music School in Trebinje, across the street from the main Cultural Center (Kulturni Centar), which will host our ensemble and string orchestra rehearsals as well as many evening performances. The Museum of Hercegovina will host our artist-faculty master-classes as well as several evening performances. The magical stage at the Amphitheater Crkvine at Hercegovacka Gracanica will host the festival’s opening Gala concert. All rooms and stages are non-smoking and air-conditioned.

The main stages and performance spaces for MMSF include: 

  • the Theater Hall in the Cultural Center of Trebinje

  • the Amphitheater at the Hercegovacka Gracanica

  • the Museum of Hercegovina Trebinje

Arrival Dates and Transportation / August 3-15, 2020

All students should fly into the International Airport of Dubrovnik (DBV) in Croatia or the International Airport in Sarajevo (SJJ) Bosnia and Herzegovina. MMSF will be providing a free pick up and drop off shuttle buses in both locations. Participants should plan to arrive on August 3, 2020. The shuttle bus transportation times are: 3pm for the arrivals in Dubrovnik; 2pm for the arrivals in Sarajevo. When booking your return flight, plan to leave from Dubrovnik on August 15, with a flight departure after 7am; or from Sarajevo, with the flight departure after 12pm. Everyone who wishes to take the shuttle bus should plan their flight times accordingly. If, however, your arrival and departure times are outside the provided bus schedule, MMSF can assist you with making reservations for an additional airport transfer fee, not covered by MMSF. Please email us your flight arrival/departure times. 

For all additional inquires, please email us at:


Participating students and guests will be staying at Hotel Leotar, a newly renovated, Mediterranean style hotel, situated in the center of Trebinje and next to the river Trebisnjica. Some guests may be staying at Hotel Central Park and/or Platani, all 4-star boutique hotels that are situated on the main square in Trebinje. Participating students, guests and faculty will have breakfast at their designated hotel and everybody meets together for daily lunch and dinner, which will be served in the main dining room at Leotar. All rooms are non-smoking facilities, with air-conditioning and Wi-Fi service.

NEW for All Guests - Wines and Vineyards of Herzegovina!

Several visits to world-class regional vineries will be organized during the festival. If you are a wine aficionado this will be one of those memorable outings where you will also be learning about the rich wine-making history of this region that goes back to the Middle Ages. But that is not all! There is the mouthwatering local prosciutto and variety of cheeses to have along with the wine. You may add to your palate the world famous rakija made of various organically grown fruits and you will have a most extraordinary epicurean experience. Sign up when you are there. €20 per person.


First excursion will take us to:

  • Dubrovnik, one of the most spectacular and a must-be-seen destination on the Adriatic Sea. In 1979, the city of Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of the World Heritage Sites. We will spend an entire day touring and going to the beach. You can also check the top Game of Thrones filming locations:

    Second excursion will offer two choices:

  • A nature trail to a very special Mediterranean limestone mountain range in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Hike or just relax while enjoying amazing views of the entire region. A delicious lunch will be prepared by the mountaineering club of Trebinje.


  • TBA